"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."  Acts 2:42

Our groups meet in homes throughout the week.

What to expect at a GRACE GROUP meeting:


Most groups start with a couple of worship songs to get our minds brought into contemplating the greatness of God.  

Word: Bible Study & Discussion

Our groups are not lecture-oriented. We go into God's Word and find the main thought or message in that weeks passage and then begin to discuss the implications of God's unchaning truth on our lives. Although many ministries have opted for small groups that meet for food and fellowship and common interest, we hold to the belief that it needs to be centered on God's revelation to us in His word. Fellowship naturally flows out of these times together. 


This is the place where burdens, requests and praises are shared and then prayed over believing that our wonderful God is the same powerful and close God as revealed in the Scriptures. Some groups seperate into a men's group and women's group for more intimate purposes during the prayer times. 

Sharing, Intimacy, Commitment, & Community

These small groups are the place where the larger "church" finds greater intimacy and sharing. We understand that there are many things that our people are facing that the Sunday Worship service is not as conducive for sharing. We experience and desire commitment and community in our small groups. 


Small groups are where many people develop deeper relationships that develop in to one-on-one discipleships. 

Service & Outreach

Our small groups are encouraged to serve one another in times of need. These are also places to do ministry together in serving the community through outreaches and other opportunities. 

Small Groups gather at the following times:


@ 12:30 pm - Bobby & Shawna Batson (1st & 3rd Sun.)

@ 12:30 pm - Mark & Betsy Osborne (2nd & 4th Sun.)

(Both groups meet at Grace)


@ 6:30 pm - Mike & Linda Richardson (every week)

@ 6:30 pm - Don Rutledge/Kerry Hokit (2nd & 4th Mon)